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Congratulations on choosing a career in Neurology and thank you for considering to pursue your training at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). We are delighted to welcome you to our program!

BIDMC is a major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School and is recognized internationally for its research, clinical care, and long history of medical education. With our 2019 merger to form Beth Israel Lahey Health, one of the largest hospital mergers in the last 20 years, our catchment area continues to expand; providing exposure to a diverse patient population.

As a Neurology Resident,  you will see both rare neurological disorders in addition to bread and butter clinical syndromes. With graded autonomy over the course of your 3 years,  you will feel confident independently diagnosing and managing a wide breadth of neurologic diseases. Our program aims to support and foster your unique career goals.  We love the range of interests our residents have. We have established a curriculum for physician educators with opportunities to teach Harvard Medical School Anatomy Boot Camp and the Mind, Brain, Behavior module. There is an R25 program available for those interested in a research-oriented career, and a superb rotation in Zambia for those pursuing global health. Many of our graduates continue in academia and match to fellowship at top institutions of their choice.  Please visit our alumni page to see the scope of our graduates’ careers.

In addition to innumerable opportunities available through BIDMC and the Harvard Community, what truly makes our program unique, is the collegiate and collaborative nature of the program. This allows you to explore and foster your skills in a supportive environment.  Our program directors are invested in our success and our well-being. In the past year, we have expanded the number of residency positions available, guaranteed a preliminary year through Mount Auburn Hospital, and transitioned to a 2-person night float system. The size of our program allows for close relationships between residents,  attendings, and the program leadership. Our attendings prefer to be on a first name basis with residents. This promotes a familial working environment conducive for growth.

Our program is dynamic, dedicated to you achieving your goals, and has a long history of excellence within the Neurology Community. We welcome your interest and look forward to sharing what BIDMC Neurology has to offer.


Your 2020-2021 Chiefs

Lauren Fanty
Lena O’Keefe
Antonia Pusso
Sherry Wen
Calvin Yu
Jonah Zuflacht