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R25 Program BIDMC Neurology Training Program

The Neurology Departments at BIDMC and Boston Children’s Hospital participate in the National Institute of Neurological Disease and Stroke R25 program. This program is designed to foster the careers of clinician-researchers, by enabling residents to take a six month block of time for research during their residency and then providing up to two years funding to do research after residency. For residents eager to combine research with clinical care, this is a superb opportunity that substantially increases the likelihood of launching a successful academic career.

The R25 program supports both basic laboratory and human-based research. During the PGY2 year, the resident develops a research plan with a faculty mentor, and then each application is reviewed by additional senior faculty to provide early, substantive opportunities for improvement. Applications are due in the Fall of PGY3, and awards are announced the following Spring. Successful R25 residents then plan a block of six months research time during the first or second half of their PGY4 year. Trainees are also encouraged to take courses in neuroscience, statistics, public health, and clinical translational science at Harvard, depending on their career goals.

Our residents have been very successful in obtaining R25 funding. Each year, residents from our adult and pediatric programs apply for these fellowships, and over 80% have been funded, a much higher success rate than the national average of about 50%. Specifically, in the last several years, 19 residents have applied from our programs, and 16 have been funded.

Past R25 fellows from our program have been successful in obtaining NIH K08 grants plus additional grants and are now thriving as faculty at Harvard and at other universities around the country.

Recent BIDMC R25 Recipients

Dennis Fitzgerald

R25 awarded 2023-2024
Title: The role of the lateral parabrachial nucleus (PBl) in opioid-mediated respiratory depression (OIRD)
Mentor: Clifford Saper, MD.PhD

Chris Cano

R25 awarded 2019-2021
Title: Measuring orexin tone in vivo
Mentor: Tom Scammell, MD

Alana Kirby

R25 awarded 2016-2018
Title: Role of the dorsomedial medulla in temporal modulation of gait.
Mentor: Veronique VanDerHorst, MD, Ph.D

Vaishnav Krishnan

R25 awarded 2013-2015
Title: The Role of Ube3a in the Behavioral Consequences of Seizures in Autism
Mentor: Matthew Anderson, MD, Ph.D

Nigel Pedersen

R25 awarded 2012-2014.
Title: Genetic Manipulation of the Hypothalamic Arousal System
Mentors: Clifford B. Saper, MD, PhD and Patrick M. Fuller, PhD

Joel Geerling

R25 awarded 2012 (For 2013-2015)
Title: Identifying wake-promoting neurons in the pons: an optogenetic approach.
Mentor: Tom Scammell, MD

Soma Sengupta

R25 awarded 2011
Title: Leveraging a5-GABA-A receptor subunit (GABRA5) expression in clinically aggressive medulloblastomas as a novel therapeutic approach
Mentors: Scott Pomeroy, MD, PhD and Frances Jensen, MD