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Current Residents 2023

Class of 2024

Anastasia Barnes, MD

I grew up in Manhasset, Long Island, New York with my parents, two sisters and two brothers. After completing my undergraduate degree in psychology at Columbia University, I did two years of research in neurodegenerative disorders at New York University. I then attended SUNY Downstate for medical school, where wonderful mentors encouraged my interest in neurology. Following medical school, I completed my internship in medicine at North Shore University Hospital/Long Island Jewish Medical Center near my home. I am enjoying learning about all aspects of neurology at BIDMC alongside my remarkable colleagues. After graduation, I will be pursuing a movement disorders fellowship at the University of Florida. In my free time I enjoy music and playing with my dog.

Joseph Ditrapani, MD

I grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and lived there until college when I moved to New Orleans to study neuroscience and public health at Tulane. After college, I stayed in New Orleans for medical school at LSU-New Orleans, where I also completed my MPH in epidemiology. Moving to Boston has been an amazing experience and in my free time I’ve enjoyed exploring the city (specifically all of the green spaces, and Fenway where I just recently moved to), playing tennis, and golfing.

I chose BIDMC for residency because of its excellent clinical training, supportive culture, and abundance of research opportunities. After residency, I will be pursuing a fellowship in clinical neurophysiology with a focus on EMG here at BIDMC.

Dan Forsman, MD

I grew up in the suburbs of New York City and spent my summers in the Swedish countryside. After attending college, I worked as an EMT for a couple of years before moving to New Hampshire to attend Dartmouth medical school. In my free time, I enjoy playing the banjo, hiking, skiing, and swimming.

Currently, I am not certain as to which subspecialty I will pursue; however, I have been interested in neuroimmunology. Alternatively, ever since playing rugby in college, I have had a particular fascination with traumatic brain injuries. Regardless of which field of neurology I end up choosing, I am thrilled to carry out my training at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The hospital has fostered a kind and collaborative environment that has made it a pleasure to work and grow here.

Divya Palanisamy, MD

I grew up in Minnesota, and graduated from the University of Minnesota with undergraduate degrees in Neuroscience and Philosophy. I then spent a year tutoring and mentoring 4th grade students through an AmeriCorps program called City Year in Manchester, New Hampshire, before attending medical school at Case Western Reserve University. Although I did not know which subspecialty I wanted to pursue when I first started residency, my faculty mentors and the support of my Medicine and Neurology co-residents (many of whom are now close friends) were instrumental in helping me choose. After residency, I will be pursuing a fellowship in Movement Disorders at Columbia, with specific clinical and research interests in medical education and health disparities.

Boston has been a wonderful place to explore in my free time, and I’ve particularly enjoyed spending my free time trying new bakeries and relaxing in one of the many large parks in the city.

Hayley Price, MD

I was born and raised in Drums, PA, a small town in northeastern PA (~40 min from Scranton, though I worked at a grocery store, not a paper company, in high school). Growing up, I cultivated a love for music, both playing piano and going to live shows; reading (favorite author: Stephen King); and playing video games, as the middle child between two brothers. I majored in biomedical engineering at Harvard, and for medical school I went to Penn State in Hershey, PA — one of the Sweetest Places on Earth even if you don’t like chocolate. I am so excited to have returned to Boston to complete my neurology training at BIDMC. Outside the hospital, you can find me doing yoga, checking out local pizza places and breweries, and hanging out with my greyhound rescue, Cosmo.

My favorite aspect of BIDMC is truly the people. Residents develop a sense of family not only with each other but also with world-class faculty, educators, and researchers. After graduation, I will be pursuing a stroke fellowship at Boston University where I will focus on longitudinal patient care and medical education.

Kevin Sikah, MD

I grew up in Miami, Florida, but I have been in the Boston area for most of my years since graduating high school, so it’s become something of a second home for me. I majored in Neurobiology at Harvard College, after which I did one year of research on TBI at the University of Miami before returning to Boston to attend Harvard Medical School. After medical school, I completed my internship at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center before returning to BIDMC for Neurology residency. I was drawn to BIDMC because of the warmth and camaraderie that I felt during my time on the wards while at Harvard, in addition to the strength of the clinical program and research. I have decided to go into cognitive neurology and am in the process of applying for fellowship. Some of my past research revolved around TMS as well as TBI, and I aim to have research continue to be a part of my career.

In Boston, I enjoy playing piano and spending time with friends and local family, whether that involves playing indoor games, going salsa dancing, trying new foods, or simply exploring the city!

Stephanie Vu, MD

I grew up in Connecticut, where I went to undergrad and medical school at University of Connecticut.  I met my now, husband, at University of Connecticut and we couples matched to the Boston area for our residencies! I’m happy to have recently matched to Vascular Neurology Fellowship at BIDMC! I hope to pursue an academic career as a hospitalist and be involved in medical education.

In my free time, I really enjoy cooking (especially noodles in my wok which I use almost daily) and hiking. I love trying new foods and exploring new Asian bakeries/hot pots!

Shuodan Zhang, MD

I grew up in Chicago and went to college and medical school at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I chose BI because of the close-knit community, resident autonomy,  clinical training and research opportunities. We have outstanding teachers and mentors who look out for us and support us. Many of my co-residents are now my closest friends, and I will miss them after graduation! Outside the hospital, I love running, spending time with friends and family, and going to the ballet and BSO performances.

I’m interested in a career in academic medicine with a focus on clinical-translational research. After residency, I will be pursuing a neuro-oncology fellowship at the combined Johns Hopkins University and National Institutes of Health Neuro-Oncology Branch program.

Class of 2025

Ryan Barrette, MD

I grew up in Massachusetts along the beaches of Cape Cod. I attended Wheaton College in Norton, MA where I received a B.A. in Chemistry. In keeping with the “art” portion of a B.A., I wrote an honors thesis based on my research of the chemical reactions involved in re-creating linseed oil paints as used in the restoration of oil paintings.

I attended the University of Massachusetts Medical School where I served as member and co-president of the Student Body Committee. I developed a passion for neurology during our pre-clinical neuroanatomy course, and that passion continued to grow during my neurology electives. I have particular clinical interest in the role of palliative care across the diverse spectrum of neurological disorders, and how to best support neurology patients and their families through serious illness and complex decision making. I’m applying to neurocritical care as I find the management of acute inpatient neurology and caring for this patient population and their families to be greatly rewarding.

In my spare time, my hobbies include foreign languages as well as music and performance. Prior to medical school, I street performed as a singer-songwriter in the Boston Public Garden. My instrument of choice is the baritone ukulele.

Nicole Cesanek, MD

I grew up in a small town in New Jersey and first came to Boston for college at Boston University, where I studied biomedical engineering. After completing my medical school training at Rutgers, I was ready to come back to Boston right away and completed my internship across the river in Cambridge at Mount Auburn Hospital. I was drawn to Beth Israel by the open culture and sense of community I got from both the residents and faculty. Professionally, I am interested in medical education and within neurology I’m interested in pursuing a neuromuscular fellowship. Outside of work I enjoy cooking and trying new foods, reading (I’m in multiple book clubs and always looking for new suggestions), and crocheting/knitting. I love to get outside in Boston’s green spaces and downtown – sun or snow!

Andres Eras, MD

I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and moved to Los Angeles to study Spanish and Biology at USC. Afterwards, I returned home to work on a diabetes research project at the University of New Mexico before I went to med school here in Boston, at BU. In medical school, I fell in love with both the city and neurology. I got lucky enough to continue my training in Boston, first at Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center for my intern year and now at BI for neurology.

While I enjoy all of the neurology subspecialties, I’ve decided to pursue a fellowship in neuromuscular neurology. I also love teaching both patients and people earlier in their training and am excited to show learners how fascinating neurology can be. Outside of medicine, I enjoy doing bar trivia, walking the dog, and playing Scrabble with my girlfriend.

David Klodowski, MD, MPH

I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before heading to Allegheny College for my undergraduate degree. I completed medical school at Jefferson in Philadelphia where I participated in a 5-year dual degree MD/MPH program. In my free time I love running, hiking, visiting friends and family, and exploring Boston and its awesome restaurants with my wife.

I knew early on in medical school that I had a passion for neurology. I used my MPH time at Jefferson to get into research in the field by investigating variables that influence seizure recurrence following epilepsy surgery. I decided to come to the BIDMC/Harvard neuro program because of its emphasis on a well-rounded education, the availability of research opportunities and mentors, and the collegiality and friendliness of the people. With BI Neurology’s help and support, I have decided to pursue fellowship training in EEG/Epilepsy.

Ushna Khan, MD

My family moved quite a bit around the US and Canada when I was young, but I grew up in upstate NY for the most part. I studied Neuroscience and Biochemistry at Binghamton University and then moved to the Bronx for medical school at Albert Einstein. In my free time, I love exploring new restaurants, baking, crocheting, and cuddling with my two cats.

I chose BI because of the warm, welcoming atmosphere, as well as the many opportunities to pursue further interests. I am looking forward to exploring subspecialties throughout residency to find what I enjoy the most! I also hope to incorporate global health into my future practice.

Matthew McGuinness, MD

I grew up in central New Jersey, but funnily enough I was actually born at Beth Israel Hospital (before the merger with Deaconess). I attended undergrad at the College of William & Mary in Virginia where I met my wife, before moving back to NJ for medical school at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Boston is a great place to live, with so much to do and see. So, I knew that I wanted it to be the place where I would do my residency, and I’m thankful to be training and learning as part of BIDMC Neurology. When not at work you can usually find me at the park with my wife and our whoodle, Percy, or at home relaxing on the couch playing video games.

My current interests in neurology are primarily in the inpatient setting, such as neurocritical care and stroke. I’m also interested in medical education, and am working on a research project to help residents become more comfortable with neurologic emergencies.

Stephen Trudeau, MD

I grew up as a global citizen in Asia, Europe, and several US states! Before moving to Boston I studied biochemistry and synthetic organic chemistry as an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis, and spent a year doing basic science research and working as a patient care associate at the Ohio State University before attending medical school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. I am pursuing a career in academic medicine with a focus on research, with additional interests in education and diversity and inclusion. Outside of medicine I have a passion for all things music, food, and tennis!

There are many reasons I have thoroughly enjoyed my intern year and the first year of neurology at BIDMC. A few things that really stand out are the genuine camaraderie and collaborative culture among both the residents and faculty here, and the combination of excellent teaching paired with a high level of resident autonomy provides a strong clinical training. Additionally, there is a wealth of exciting opportunities and resources available for clinical, translational, and basic research, medical education, public and global health, and more- both within BIDMC and across the greater Harvard infrastructure, as well as in collaboration with other institutions in Boston and beyond. The pervasive culture of collaboration and innovation alongside a focus on training strong clinicians is exciting to be a part of and enables me to carve my own path in neurology. Currently I am exploring subspecialties and research projects with the anticipation of applying to the R25 program, and I also plan to get involved with teaching neuroanatomy at HMS, working on diversity and inclusion initiatives, and learning global neurology through the elective in Zambia. This is a fantastic place to learn and grow as a neurologist, and I am really looking forward to residency here!

Ailing Yang, MD

I grew up in Plano, Texas with my parents, younger brother, and grandparents. I attended UT Dallas for college and UT Southwestern for medical school as part of UT-PACT, a joint accelerated BA/MD program.

When I interviewed at BI, I realized that here is the place where I could grow to be the kind of neurologist who originally inspired me. Steeped in history, Boston is truly a medical capital of the world where BI residents are only limited by their imagination in academic opportunities and things to do. I am strongly interested in headache medicine. My hobbies include learning the piano, reading, writing, crafting, jogging, and watching period dramas.

Class of 2026

Joshua Cheng, MD

I grew up in Toronto and studied Physiology at Western University. I then pursued my PhD at the University of Toronto focused on neuroimaging, before pursuing medical school in NY at Stony Brook. During medical school, I participated in the “Scholarly Concentration in Research” program and used that elective time to continue neuroimaging work at the MGH Martinos Center, where my wife is currently a post-doctoral fellow. From our time in Boston, we have come to appreciate how diverse and vibrant the city is, and have been avidly exploring places to hike and restaurants to try.

In choosing my neurology residency, BIDMC was my top choice as it offered outstanding clinical training within a supportive environment, and the Berenson Allen Center for Brain Stimulation was the ideal next step for my research training. All the while closing the long-distance gap with my wife, I knew that at BIDMC Neurology I would be able to flourish both inside and outside of the hospital.

Maggie Carey, MD

A dual citizen of the US and Canada, I spent much of my childhood in the remote Arizona desert before traveling to Marseille, France, where I studied neural crest cell migration at an INSERM laboratory. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Studies from the University of Southern California. In 2022, I earned my MD with an emphasis in research from the Robert Larner, MD College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, where I also developed a strong interest in medical education. I am passionate about high value care and am honored to continue my work with the Choosing Wisely STARS (Students & Trainees Advocating for Resource Stewardship) Program this year as a member of the national advisory board.

I am thrilled to be joining the Harvard Neurology Residency Program at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center! Offering both academic rigor and collegial support, the clinical environment at BIDMC clearly provides exceptional patient care while also encouraging residents’ individual growth as clinicians, scientists, and educators. I am looking forward to furthering my knowledge in all subspecialties of neurology, and in particular, pursuing my niche interest in dysautonomia at BIDMC’s eminent Center for Autonomic and Peripheral Nerve Disorders. When not at work, you might find me tending bonsai trees, crafting jewelry, or training for my next marathon while fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through the Charity Miles app.

John Erdman, MD

I grew up in Connecticut before attending Amherst College. After Amherst, I spent a year teaching English at a public elementary school just outside of Madrid, Spain before starting at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and cat named Pip, watching the NY Jets, biking, cooking, and exploring new places. I’m excited to move to Boston and to experience all that the city has to offer!

I chose Neurology because of my fascination with the nervous system and the opportunity to create close relationships with patients. Academically, I am most interested in acute neurology and am considering pursuing a fellowship in Vascular Neurology or Neurocritical care before practicing in an academic setting.

Julie Fynke, MD

I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and have spent most of my life in Michigan up to this point. I attended the University of Michigan where I got my degree in biopsychology, cognition, and neuroscience. During my time there I developed a passion for public health and stayed to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Health before entering medical school at Wayne State University in Detroit. While I’ve loved my time in the Midwest, I feel ready and excited to explore all that BIDMC and Boston have to offer!

My current interests are broad and I look forward to exploring all the different neurologic subspecialties to find the best fit for me. No matter what I go into I plan on making public health part of my practice, whether that means working to increase access to neurologic care, improving disparities, or both! I chose BI Neurology because I felt that the program had a strong sense of community in addition to being strong clinically and academically. I can’t wait to meet the team and get started soon!

Elaine Lu, MD

I was born in Texas and grew up in sunny Southern California. I completed my undergraduate studies in neuroscience and disabilities studies at UCLA, where I developed an interest in neurology through my coursework and research activities. For medical school, I attended Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. And I am excited to now complete my journey across America in Boston, MA at Beth Israel Deaconess.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, sampling new cuisines and doing fun activities with family and friends. Academically, I am just starting to explore various interests in vascular neurology, neurocritical care, neuropalliative care, and neuropsychiatry. I look forward to spending quality time living, working, and learning alongside my new BI family!

Benton Maglinger, MD, MS

I grew up in Kentucky surrounded by a family of artists, musicians, and educators. From those influences, I developed a love for art, playing the guitar, and for finding interesting topics to learn more about. After earning a degree in finance, I completed a Master’s of Anatomy and Neurobiology, and then pursued medical school. After medical school, I moved to Boston for residency, and have loved my time in Boston and meeting so many amazing people at BIDMC. My clinical research interests include identifying prognostic biomarkers for large vessel ischemic strokes, investigating recurrence of ischemic stroke in patients with intracranial atherosclerotic disease, as well as better understanding risk factors and therapeutic interventions of arteriovenous malformations and aneurysms. My current hobbies include urban sketching, cooking new (and favorite) recipes of all types, and learning more about New England.

Karthik Jagannath, MD

Prior to moving up to Boston, I spent all my life down in Texas, growing up in Sugar Land, a suburb of Houston, attending undergrad at UT Austin, and returning to Houston for medical school at Baylor. In my free time, I’ve been enjoying the many outdoor activities that Boston and the New England area have to offer, such as hiking, skiing, playing basketball in the many outdoor parks, and running along the Esplanade. Exploring the arts in the city, from the world-class museums to the thriving theater scene, is also a great way to spend the weekends and days off. And of course, there’s no shortage of incredible food around town.

I chose BI because of its focus on education, the fantastic faculty and academic support, and the friendliness of the program that I experienced during interview day. My interests are currently varied and include neurocritical care and epilepsy, and I am particularly drawn to medical education and research investigating disparities in neurology.

Evián Pérez Rivera, MD

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, a beautiful island of the United States in the Caribbean. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Saint Louis University and did my medical school training at San Juan Bautista in Puerto Rico. I was drawn to Neurology due to the complexity and fascinating nature of the field. I am looking forward to taking advantage of the incredible academic opportunities here at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and am eager to continue learning in a positive and kind environment.

I am not certain which sub-specialty I will pursue, but my current clinical interest is vascular neurology with additional interests in medical education, diversity, and inclusion. Outside of medicine I love sports (playing/watching), dancing, visiting friends and family, traveling, and exploring new places/restaurants with my husband!

Class of 2027

Abhilasha Boruah, MD

I was born in Assam, India and grew up in Franklin, Massachusetts. I moved to Cleveland to attend college at Case Western Reserve University where I majored in Cognitive Science and was part of the Pre-Professional Scholars in Medicine program. I lived in Munich, Germany for a year in between undergrad and medical school, and completed a research fellowship at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich studying neurological correlates of moral cognition in early childhood. I returned to Cleveland for medical school at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Between my 3rd and 4th years of medical school I completed a year of Neuroinfectious Disease research at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. I’m thrilled to be returning to Massachusetts for residency!

In my free time I enjoy reading fiction novels, practicing vinyasa yoga, traveling, and exploring new restaurants. I am so excited to be a resident at BIDMC and look forward to working with & learning from the amazing people in this program!

Valerie Braddick, MD

I was raised in Irvington, NY, and majored in neuroscience at Middlebury College. Before attending medical school at the University of Vermont, I spent three years as a clinical research coordinator in the OCD & Related Disorders Program at Massachusetts General Hospital. My passion for neurology continued to develop in medical school, where I enjoyed leading a traumatic brain injury support group and researching the effects of screen time on adolescent psychopathology.

BIDMC was my top choice residency program because of its excellent clinical training, strong focus on resident education, and the warm camaraderie I experienced throughout the interview process. I look forward to being part of the BIDMC residency family over the next four years, and for the opportunity to explore the breadth of subspecialties within the field of neurology. I am particularly interested in a career in vascular neurology and medical education. In my free time, you can catch me at a spin class, hiking, trying out new recipes, and teaching myself to play the electric guitar!

Rebecca Dann, MD

I was born and raised in New York City and then moved to Ohio to attend Kenyon College. Following graduation, I worked in a cardiology lab at NYU and then received my Master of Science at Tufts just prior to medical school. During my time at New York Medical College, I found my passion in neurology and developed a strong interest in medical education. I’m now excited to return to Boston and start my training at BIDMC! I can’t wait to meet my new team and start exploring the many different neurologic subspecialties!

In my free time I love running, exploring new beaches (super excited to explore all of New England’s beach towns), reading mystery novels, and spending time with my friends and family.

Michelle Hick, MD

Hello! I grew up in rural Ontario, Canada and completed my undergraduate degree at Queen’s University. I hopped across the pond and I completed my medical degree at the University of Limerick in Ireland. My next adventure is at BIDMC where I am looking forward to the supportive and enriched atmosphere as a place cultivate a rigorous career in Neurology.

My love for Neurology started back in high school and has continued to grow through out my undergraduate and medical career. My interests remain vast – the more I learn the more I love the different sub-specialities within Neurology. I am beyond excited to learn and explore within the field at BIDMC.

Outside of medicine you can find me on the water or in the sunshine!


Clayton Neal, MD

I was born and raised in a small town outside of Richmond, Virginia. I went on to obtain my undergraduate education at the University of Virginia and my medical degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. Currently, my clinical and research interests include epilepsy, EEG, neuroradiology, and functional neurosurgical planning, but I am excited to explore the many subspecialties that neurology has to offer. In my free time I love to watch movies, play guitar, play volleyball, and try new restaurants with my partner who is an OBGYN resident at BI.

I chose BI because of the excellent clinical training, the wealth of research opportunities, and the demographically and pathologically diverse patient population that BI serves. It was clear to me that joining the neurology team at BI not only would offer an academically stimulating and challenging environment, but would also provide me with the teaching and support for me to thrive. I’m also thrilled to move to the lively and historic city of Boston and begin exploring all that it has to offer!

Hanna Peterson, MD

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago but have been an Ohioan since starting college. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Pre-Medicine at the University of Dayton, and stayed in Dayton, OH to work as a medical scribe in rheumatology before attending medical school at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine. In my free time, I enjoy all outdoor activities (with sunscreen) whether it be drinking coffee on the balcony while reading a book or working out on a hike or run. I also like watching and playing sports, exploring coffee shops and restaurants, and playing Catan with friends while my cat tries to sit on the board. My academic and clinical interests include vascular neurology, neurocritical care, neurointerventional radiology, and medical education. I am so excited to live in a new city while learning more neurology and working with the team at BIDMC to care for our patients!

Dylan Selbst, MD

My name is Dylan Selbst, and I am from New Hope, Pennsylvania. I studied Physiology and Neurobiology at the University of Maryland and attended medical school at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. I fell in love with neuroscience while working in a functional neuroimaging lab as an undergrad, and I am excited to pursue a career as a neurologist.

I am undecided regarding sub-specialties within neurology, but I have particular interests in vascular neurology, neurocritical care, and clinical neurophysiology. Additionally, in my career, I plan to pursue leadership opportunities in medical education and healthcare administration.

In my free time, I enjoy endurance running, traveling, cooking, and watching and rooting for Philadelphia sports teams.
I came to Beth Israel because of the incredible culture, ample opportunities for research, and strong support for residents who desire leadership in medical education.

Eileen Yung, MD

I grew up knowing that Bedford Farms makes the best ice cream out there, since it’s a ten-minute walk from where I lived in MA for most of my life. My superpowers are the ability to eat dessert at any time and to laugh easily, which go hand in hand with my love of baking and tending to my fat cat. School has moved me along the East Coast – first NYC for undergrad at Columbia, then DC to attend Georgetown where I received my Master’s in Physiology and Biophysics, and finally, upstate NY for Albany Medical College.

I got my feet wet in Neurology by working with the Huntington’s population at Terence Cardinal Cooke. Their stories spurred my pursuit of this discipline along with an obsession with this organ system that orients us to who we are. Although I’m undecided on a subspecialty, my interests span movement disorders to neuro critical care, and I’m excited to navigate these uncharted waters alongside my new BIDMC family.