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Research Awards

Over the years, many of our residents have gone on to start successful research programs of their own. In addition to the R25 awards during training, our residents have received competitive grants from the NIH, American Academy of Neurology and other foundations.

Here are just a few:

Omar Siddiqi, MD, MPH

A prospective study on new-onset seizures in Zambian HIV-positive patients
Mentor: Dr. Igor Koralnik, MD
Funding: Clinical Research Training Fellowship
Novel CSF Diagnostics and Genotype Markers of Tuberculous Meningitis in Zambia
Funding: NIH
Minimally Invasive Tissues Sampling to Evaluate HIV-associated Meningitis in Zambia
Funding: NIH

Vaishnav Krishnan, MD, PhD

The Role of Cbln1 in Mediating Seizure-Induced Impairments in Social Behavior
Mentor: Matthew Anderson, MD, PhD
Funding: Lundbeck
Unravelling the mechanisms of epilepsy-depression comorbidity in a genetic model of temporal lobe epilepsy
Funding: NIH

Katherine McDonell, MD

Norepinephrine-targeted Therapy for Action Control in Parkinson Disease
Mentor: David Robertson, MD
Funding: Lundbeck

Stephanie Buss, MD

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as a Biomarker in Mild Cognitive Impairment
Mentor: Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD
Funding: Allergan Foundation
Understanding the structural, functional, and prognostic implications of cortical excitability in Alzheimer’s disease
Funding: NIH

Corey Fehnel, MD

Improving Prediction of Hospital Readmission Following Acute Ishemic Stroke
Mentor: Vincent Mor, Phd, Med
Funding: American Academy of Neurology and the American Brain Foundation
Intensive Palliative Care: Improving the Process of Palliative Ventilator Withdrawal Among Critically Ill Older Adults
Funding: NIH
The Clinical Course and Outcomes of Older Stroke Patients with Feeding Tubes
Funding: NIH

Nigel Pedersen, MBBS

The Mammillary Region in Epilepsy? Investigation and Intervention
Mentor: Clifford Saper, MD, PhD, FAAN
Funding: American Academy of Neurology and the American Brain Foundation
Sleep-Wake and Epilepsy Interactions in a Mouse Model of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Funding: NIH
Control of the Hippocampal Formation by the Supramammillary Hypothalamus
Funding: NIH

Joel Geerling, MD, PhD

PB-FI connectivity and arousal
Mentor, Thomas Scammell, MD
Funding: NIH

Research grants are available from many sources depending on your interests. For examples, please visit the research websites for the AAN, National Institutes of Health, Harvard Medical School, Harvard Catalyst, Training Grants at HMS, and the Michael J Fox Foundation.