Welcome to BIDMC Neurology

Selected Research Labs

Here is a sampling of research faculty in our department:

Elda Arrigoni, PhD

Interests: single cell electrophysiology and connectivity of neuronal systems that regulate sleep and wake.
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Elda Arrigoni
Lab Webpage: https://sleep.med.harvard.edu/people/faculty/168/Elda+Arrigoni+PhD

Bernard Chang, MD

Interests: Developmental brain malformations and genetic causes of epilepsy.
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Bernard Chang
Lab Webpage: https://www.bidmc.org/research/research-by-department/neurology/laboratories/bernard-chang-laboratory

Corey Fehnel, MD

Interests: Aging​ and palliative care in the ICU setting.
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Corey Fehnel
Lab webpage: https://www.marcusinstituteforaging.org/scientists/team-profiles-and-bios/corey-fehnel-md-mph

Roy Freeman, MD

Interests: Autonomic function, stress, hypoglycemia, peripheral neuropathy
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Roy Freeman

Satvinder Kaur, PhD

Interests: Sleep-wake physiology in mouse models of sleep apnea and pain.
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Satvinder Kaur
Lab Webpage: https://sleep.med.harvard.edu/people/faculty/1095/Satvinder+Kaur+PhD

Sandeep Kumar, MD

Interests: neuroplasticity and dysphagia recovery after stroke, medical and neurological complications of stroke
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Sandeep Kumar

Monica Haack, PhD

Interests: Human sleep and inflammatory systems.
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Monica Haack
Lab webpage: http://projects.iq.harvard.edu/humansleepandinflammation/home

Jun Lu, MD, PhD

Interests: Sleep state switching, behavioral effects of sleep disruption.
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Jun Lu
Lab webpage: https://www.bidmc.org/research/research-by-department/neurology/laboratories/jun-lu-laboratory

Janet Mullington, PhD

Interests: Human sleep and inflammatory systems.
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Janet Mullington
Lab webpage: http://projects.iq.harvard.edu/humansleepandinflammation/home

Pushpa Narayanaswami, MBBS, DM

Interests: Clinical Practice Guidelines, Comparative Effectiveness Research, Quality and Patient Safety, Outcome Measures in Neuromuscular Disorders, Clinical Trials in Myasthenia
Harvard Catalyst Profile:  Pushpa Narayanaswami

Vera Novak, MD, PhD

Interests: Syncope, fall prevention.
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Vera Novak
Lab webpage: https://www.bidmc.org/research/research-by-department/neurology/laboratories/safe-lab

Seward Rutkove, MD

Interests: EMG and peripheral nerve disorders, Electrical Impedance Myography.
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Seward Rutkove
Lab webpage: http://rutkovelab.org/

Emiliano Santarnecchi, PsyD, PhD

Interests: combination of Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation, electrophysiology and neuroimaging to modulate brain activity in neurological and psychiatric patients.
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Emiliano Santarnecchi

Lab webpage: http://tmslab.org/aboutus-faculty-santarnecchi.php

Clifford Saper, MD, PhD

Interests: Functional neuroanatomy of integrated systems controlling wake-sleep cycles and neuroimmune function, effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease on these systems.
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Clifford Saper
Lab webpage: https://www.bidmc.org/research/research-by-department/neurology/laboratories/clifford-saper-laboratory

Thomas Scammell, MD

Interests: Sleep physiology and sleep disorders.
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Thomas Scammell
Lab webpage: https://www.bidmc.org/research/research-by-department/neurology/laboratories/thomas-scammell-laboratory

Magdy Selim, MD, PhD

Interests: Development of new therapeutics and clinical trials in stroke, especially hemorrhagic stroke.
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Magdy Selim

Mouhsin Shafi, MD, PhD

Interests: Brain stimulation in combination with EEG/MRI to evaluate/treat network disorders in neuropsychiatric diseases
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Mouhsin Shafi
Lab webpage: http://tmslab.org/aboutus-faculty-shafi.php

Volney Sheen, MD, PhD

Interests: Developmental abnormalities of cerebral cortex
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Volney Sheen
Lab webpage: https://www.bidmc.org/research/research-by-department/neurology/laboratories/volney-sheen-laboratory

Omar K. Siddiqi, M.D., M.P.H.

Interests: Central nervous system opportunistic infections in HIV, etiology of meningitis and encephalitis, performance of point of care diagnostics for tuberculous meningitis
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Omar K. Siddiqi

Lab webpage: https://cvvr.hms.harvard.edu/lab/siddiqi-laboratory/

David Simon, MD, PhD

Interests: Pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease, mechanisms of neurodegeneration, neuroprotective strategies.
Harvard Catalyst Profile: David Simon

Lab webpage: https://www.bidmc.org/research/research-by-department/neurology/laboratories/david-k-simon-laboratory

Veronique VanderHorst, MD, PhD

Interests: neurobiology of gait, translational tools, brainstem dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease and aging.
Harvard Catalyst Profile: Veronique VanderHorst

Lab webpage: https://www.bidmc.org/research/research-by-department/neurology/laboratories/veronique-vanderhorst-laboratory