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Harvard Medical School / BIDMC Neurology Clerkship Program Policies

HMS and BIDMC Policies

Duty Hours:


Policy on Student Conduct

Policy on Student Conduct and Responsibility

BIDMC Policies for Contact Exposures

AY17 BIDMC PCE Exposure to Blood Body Fluid Policy and Procedure

PCE Log Requirement:

Students are required to record their encounter with each log topic once, inclusive of the highest level of patient interaction displayed in that encounter during the rotation.  Individual clerkship directions may choose to use the PCE Log for additional purposes, so long as students meet the minimum requirement of recording the highest level of encounter with each one of the specified topics.

HMS Policy on Mistreatment:

Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals are committed to a culture of mutual respect and trust and to providing an environment free from discrimination, sexual harassment, unprofessional relationships, and abuses of authority.  We take student mistreatment seriously and aspire to a culture of zero tolerance for instances of abuse, mistreatment, and disrespect.  All faculty, students, house officers, fellows, and staff are expected to contribute to sustaining an environment of collegiality and mutual support that is conducive to learning and working.  Students experiencing mistreatment personally or witnessing such behavior in others are expected to report such incidents in clerkship surveys and/or through an anonymous online form accessible through the HMS Student Service site.

HMS Ombuds Office:

As an impartial complaint handler, the Ombudsperson strives to see that people are treated fairly and equitably at Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and the Harvard School of Public Health. The Ombudsperson is a designated neutral person and, as such, does not advocate for any individual or point of view.  The office is independent of any existing administrative or academic structures and is responsible only to the dean of each school.  The official supplements the existing resources available to members of our communities.