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Harvard BIDMC – Boston Children’s Hospital Neurology Residency Program 1st Year

First Year (PGY2)

During the first year, residents primarily take responsibility for the care of inpatients on the Neurology ward service at both BIDMC and Children’s Hospital. There is some coverage of in-house consultations on nights and weekends. At BIDMC, the inpatient neurology ward is divided into the Stroke Service and the General/Epilepsy Service. There is a rotation in the NeuroICU and psychiatry. There are three blocks of electrophysiology, when the residents learn the principles of electroencephalography and epilepsy; electromyography and neuromuscular disease; and sleep medicine. The Neurorehabilitation block also takes place in the first year, when residents spend time at a Rehab hospital (Spaulding) under the supervision of neurologists with special training in rehabilitation medicine, and also spend time in the Cognitive Neurology clinic at Beth Israel.

The BIDMC neurology rotations subscribe to the ACGME and AAMC policy limiting duration on call and work week. Night call on the neurology wards at BIDMC is covered from Sunday through Thursday by a dedicated night resident rotation, to ensure that ward residents get adequate sleep and time off. Night call on Friday and Saturday nights is covered by the resident on call that day, who is able to go home immediately after rounds the following morning and is off for the remainder of the weekend. Residents take Night Call rotations at BIDMC during the latter half of the first year and the first half of the second year. Night call at Children’s Hospital during the first year is every fourth night. Electrophysiology and Neurorehabilitation ordinarily have no night call.